How to Find the Latest News in the SAP Industry


If you want to stay updated with industry news, you can subscribe to HotNews. You can choose to receive updates about a specific product, topic, or company. You can also subscribe to specific email updates. HotNews is free and updated regularly. So, it’s worth checking it out. If you’re a member of AUGI, you can also subscribe to HotNews. But how do you find the latest news?

The “Hotnews” doctrine was recognized by the Supreme Court in 1918 in a case involving the International News Service. The International News Service allegedly stole war reports from the Associated Press, bribing AP employees to steal the stories. Even though they didn’t break any copyright laws, the case argued that their actions violated the “Hot News” doctrine, which protects the rights of the original author of an article.

As a subscription user, you can filter HotNews by product version, software component, or support package. You can also choose to receive relevant updates about a specific topic, product, or company. Another feature is the RSS feed, which is secure, free, and easy to manage. It will deliver the latest news and updates directly to your inbox. If you’d prefer to receive more news from a certain company, HotNews will also include Important Notes. These are documents that describe new SAP features, as well as reference instructions.